This is an example of a prior ebay listing the speakers have been sold.

Spendor BC1's finished in Rosewood

Serial #'s 15792 and 15793 manufactured (1978)

The photo's were taken in bright sunlight (I need a better digicam).

Hi and thanks for looking. I have owned these speakers for four months. I originally intended to keep these speakers and that is why I have worked so hard to restore and refurbish them. I am selling because I am raising funds to give a good home to a Croft Twinstar II power amp (which is costing me a few quid and rightly so).

If you are looking for a cheap pair of Bc1's then you may want to look elsewhere, these are a totally honest pair of speakers which are in exceptional condition and perform better than when new! Also Spendor have always charged an extra premium for the rosewood finish and that is why you see so few on ebay.

The start price is £280 and worth every penny and probably a lot more!


  • All drivers checked and bass units matched
  • Both speakers rewired with LC-OFC copper cable
  • Original binding posts replaced with new gold plated units
  • Cabinets stripped down, refurbed and waxed to high standard
  • Grilles refurbed retaining original cloth (rotted foam replaced)

    Why rewire a classic speaker?

    I have rewired five or six pairs of Bc1's in the past (a service for which I currently charge £100). Twenty five years ago today's cabling craze had not taken over hifi and was not an issue. The standard wire inside a Bc1 is about the same quality as the wire which connects your doorbell.

    Imagine that when you are spending hundreds on interconnects and cables?

    That said I would have preferred to leave these standard but someone had got there before me and they were already rewired. The previous ha, ha, engineer (sorry) apparently ran out of solder and decided that silicone rubber was a good way to connect the speaker wires to the crossover.

    Click on any picture for a larger view!

    Notice also that the bass unit is a Red 55w AlNiCo type. The other speaker had a ceramic ferrite bass unit (later speakers used these) and therefore I had to get another unit to match the two speakers. These speakers now have two 55w ceramic ferrite BC1 bass units which are impedence matched (8.7 and 8.8 ohms). The wire you see in the photo is low quality and was quickly binned.

    The Rewire:

    LC-OFC cable

    Gold plated binding posts

    Interior # 15792

    Interior # 15793

    The sound:

    Spendor had really got the speaker sorted by 1978. The crossover you see in the pics is about the best that was made. These speakers really responded to the rewire. The bass is tighter than the Standard BC1 (not a bad thing at all). The midrange is a bit stronger (but not too much) and the treble is a bit smoother. The overall Bc1 sound is preserved (it is very good after all). The main differences are very subtle, the rewired BC1 does everything that a standard one does, just a little better. Better sound stage with more depth and separation. The sound is more detailed and overall pace rythm and timing is improved. Basically a standard BC1 but just more refined, quicker, more accurate without getting anywhere near clinical.

    In fact these speakers impressed me so much that for a while I was convinced that Bc1's were better than my Sp1's. My Sp1's were sounding unnatural in comparison. I actually changed the wiring in my Sp1's and modified the crossover in order to get them to sound more like these. I am happy to say that I succeeded.

    You will have to just hear them for yourself. I will be happy to demo to anyone who can come over to Birmingham.


    The Refurb:

    The rosewood cabs

    The backs

    Fronts no grilles

    Fronts with grilles

    Refurbing the grilles

    Shown in a better light

    Serial # 15792

    Serial # 15793


    Perfect tops no marks no scratches

    The photo's don't really do justice. These do look fantastic in natural light.

    There are only three blemishes to list concerning these BC1's.

    1) The black paint has peeled off the supertweeters (very common)

    2) A very small dink near the rear corner of one speaker and a faint black stain on the top left corner of the rear panel (pictured)

    3) A very small indentation near the top right hand side of the same speaker (also pictured)


    The dink and stain

    The indentation


    If it were not for these, I could describe the speakers as mint!

    Regarding this auction

    I have these speakers advertised elsewhere and will be doing demo's this week. I reserve the right to end the auction early. If you seriously want these BC1's and to avoid disappointment, I would advise that you put in your bids early and demonstrate your committment. Good Luck!


    Payment can be made via personal cheque (to be cleared before delivery).

    Cash if collected. I will also accept Paypal.

    Please contact me if you have any questions about payment or anything else. Email: . Mobile: 07980398697.

    Postage and Packing

    The speakers will be well packed in two original boxes

    As is usual with BC1's postage in the Uk will be £35

    International postage will be finalised post auction with the winning bidder. I use Royal Mail but will be happy to use a parcel courier of your choice.

    Postage to Europe will be approx £70

    Postage to the U.S. approx £80

    Postage to Australia and Asia will be considerably more.

    International bidders please contact me before you bid.


    Service and Repair

    Although I cannot offer a formal guarantee. I do expect these Bc1's to last for years. However if you should, in the future have a problem I will offer a repair service at very reasonable cost. I always have spares (or can get them).


    Thanks again and Good Luck!