The Boring Stuff!

Hi, thanks for looking. This is the "Mod4" mains cable, my best IEC cable
to date. I use only the best conductors and materials available to produce
it. This cable features approx 14 metres of high quality silver plated copper
wire in each one metre cable. The wire is insulated with PTFE which is one
best methods of insulation for audio purposes. The cable is shielded again-
st RFI and Silver plated MK Toughplugs and Wattgate IEC plugs are used.


Specially selected silver plated copper is used for the live/neutral runs of
the cable. I personally believe this gives a fuller sound than pure silver.
This wire is actually designed for precision instrumentation in the aero-
space industry where extremes of temperature and possible exposure
to chemicals and fuel must not affect the performance of the wiring.......

This means that PTFE is used as the insulator and makes this an ideal
choice for audio applications. As you can see in the pictures above there
are six plaited lengths of wire in each run which is plaited a second time
in order to make up the final cable. The earth run is standard copper....
This construction helps with final sonic definition and helps against RFI.

Over 14 metres of silver plated wire is used in each Mod 4 one mtr mains!

The cable is then shielded with a special mesh and the final pro-
tective braid is fitted. The cable is now ready for termination.......

The cable is installed into the pins of the plug and screwed down.
Each termination is then soldered with silver solder to make per-
fect connections which are not subject to degradation. The picture
above left shows some discolouration around the soldered pins.
This is caused by heat induced oxidation and shows the purity of
the silver used in the 5N plating process. A high quality Wattgate
350i 10 Amp IEC connector is used for the other end which uses
a high quality Perma-lockô gold plated clamp system...................


The completed Mod4 cable

The Finished Product. Looks good and sounds great!

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