Hi and welcome to the audio section. I have had an interest in Hi-fi for over fifteen years and as an electrical engineer I like to dabble with home upgrades and DIY cables etc. I have developed my own range of audio mains cables and will soon be making interconnects and speaker cables.

I am also obsessed with Spendor loudspeakers and have restored quite a few pairs of vintage BC1's. I offer a rewire and crossover tweak for Spendor BC1 and SP1 owners. I have rewired over twenty examples of these fine speakers and have a pretty impressive formula worked up. For enquiries about any of my products contact me here.







Here are a few of my recent projects

(The links and pictures are to be updated over the coming weeks)

Mains Cable

I initially started with a range of four cables of varying performance and specification levels. For a while I did well selling on ebay. To be honest the cables are very labour intensive and my main vocation as a web designer took over. So I have kept the best performing cable for those who want it and dropped the rest of the range. I should really redo the Mod 4 page sometime soon.

Mod 4

The current flagship which is constructed in the same way as the previous Mod3 but uses 5N silver plated MK toughplugs. These plugs are regarded as the most neutral sounding plugs available and I would have to agree. Hospital grade silver plated Marinco 320 IEC's (or 20A Schurter IEC's) are also used and sonically this cable is the icing on the cake.

Expect to hear microdynamics that will take your breath!






More detail coming soon as this page is still under construction.

Spendor BC1 rewired

One of my early BC1 projects: More






Spendor BC1 refurbed

A later upgraded rewire which I sold on ebay: listing




Spendor Bc1 xover mod

I wanted to see how much performance I could squeeze out of a vintage BC1: details



Spendor Sp1 mods

My personal favourites and I rebuilt these at
least fifteen times in order to get the sound
that I wanted. Well worth it!

Details to follow soon.......




B&W DM Model 70 Continental

New feature! I bought these about eighteen
months ago. These are ultra rare, built in
1975 by B&W Electronics they are the DM
Model 70 Continentals, beautiful in satin
white. I had to do a little bit of work to get
them to former glory. (click) to find out all
about this unique project.

Click to go to DM 70 webpage!

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