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Eminent Audio broke up in early 2007. Luckily for us Glenn Croft has decided to continue the manufacture of amplifiers of his own design. Production is to commence in November 2008, click here to see the latest news and products.

I am not at all sure about the direction that B&W went during the 80's and 90's. I think of the quality and workmanship that went into my DM70's and then look at a modern creations such as the the 700 series. How many of these will still be going strong in 30 years? Think of the current Nautilus, how much would the DM70 models cost if they were manufactured today (shudders)? For more on the DM70 go here. The B&W story (Flash), or click here for the standard page.

Click this link to see extensive refurb info of DM70 ES panels by Shackman

Reiner E. Römer of contacted me personally to congratulate me for producing this site, but quite frankly his dedication to the B&W DM70 extends far beyond anything I ever did. Just browse this page to see the extent of Reiner's ability to maintain and refurb these classics.

One Thing Audio

Based in Coventry UK, One Thing Audio are specialists in refurbishing Quad ESL panels and actually supply Quad UK with spares for their own units. They also repair DM70 es panels for around £170 each. The One Thing site is here although it is worth noting that they prefer to act via their UK agent Classique Sounds of Leicester. here

ER Audio DM70 panel repair kit

ER Audio, and interesting site as they are Electrostatic specialists and can supply spares for the DM70 ES panel. Follow the link for an inside view of the unique curved panel. (Click)

The Funk Firm quality turntables for the new millenium

Not really a related link but....... One of the biggest loudspeaker geeks I know goes by the name of Arthur Khoubesserian. He literally will buy any old c*@p if he thinks it has a chance of performing and has not heard them before. Formerly of Pink Triangle notoriety but now manufacturing turntables with his new company "The Funk Firm" Check it out (Funk)